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January 11, 2023

InstaAero APK

InstaAero APK is one of the downloading videos and images. These apps are known for heavy theming, and this is the thing that everyone wants. So, we have a dark variant for users who are most likely to use every app in the dark mod. The best part of this app is that it can take creative steps that are not available in any other way on Instagram. This platform allows users to express their life and business stories in many ways, like sharing moments, memories, pictures, videos, etc. It allows us to perform more actions like downloading photos, stories, videos and reels. You can also copy bio, personalize chat, image or video URL copy and many more. It is developed to give users extra features not available on official Instagram. You get so many privacies related settings. It comes in many color variants like Dark green, red, blue, white etc.

What is InstaAero APK?

InstaAero APK provides features that are not available on official Instagram. It allows you to unlock all of the features. It offers various Instagram highlights that are significantly more easy to use. Aero is a popular software that can recognize its WhatsApp aero edition. This project is trendy. It is the development of some third party and should not be considered the development of official Instagram application developers. This mod aims to overturn the presence of ads, a broad selection of themes for the user’s preferences, download stories, videos and some valuable tools.


  • Privacy

It provides privacy to their users so that users can hide read messages which prevents the sender from knowing that you received and opened their message. The seen notification will be disabled. Whenever you type something in your DM chats, the typing sign is usually seen by the person on the other end to inform them that you are about to text something. So it allows you to hide this feature as well.

  • Download media files

An official Instagram does not allow you to download photos, videos, and stories. But we want to share our memories, pictures, videos and funny memes with friends and family. So this mod allows you to download any media.

Tap it to download media and enjoy it.

  • Lock Insta

Using a pin or fingerprint, you can set up a password to lock the app. It will protect your account from unwanted access. You can also setups a timeout. When the time you enter in timeout expires.

  • Download IGTV video

This mod allows you to download IGTV videos without any third party. Your data will be kept entirely safe while downloading. Instagram video and photo downloading option is available.

  • Copy and paste the URL of the image
  • Enter the recording power
  • Click and set the home button to open the setting
  • Avoid ads; you will do this again
  • Message can be unread
  • You can copy any bio from any user
  • Change or translate the language of chat and comments
  • In-app browser
  • Increase upload quality
  • Customize the chat background color


Is InstaAero safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. As well as with the upcoming updates, it is antiban.

Can I log in using FB?

No, InstaAero does not support logging in using an FB account.

Can I download IGTV videos?

Yes, You can download IGTV videos as well as stories and reels.


It is a completely modified version of Insta. You must be tired of taking screenshots of photos and videos on Instagram. This app lets you download photos, videos etc. This app is highly rated, so you can easily trust it. It is free and safe; you can easily use it. If you are an Insta lover, you must try InstaAero APK and its unique features. You can download it and explore each feature to its fullest. The app is available for free and has changed the way people socialize on Instagram in a significant way. It is excellent for those who love black themes in this app. Just click the download button to get the latest InstaAero APK into your devices. Stay tuned with us if you have any queries. Comment on your question in the comment section we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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