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January 31, 2023

OG Instagram APK Download Latest Version (Official)

Instagram is a social media application. There are many social media applications available, but it is the most used application. It is used by many celebrities, cricket stars, bloggers, influencers etc. Celebrities use it to share their daily activities with their fans. Bloggers and influencers are used to provide awareness about the products and business stuff. Many use this application to share their stories, pictures, and reels with friends. 

It is a weirdly used application all over the world. It has more than 1.5 million users. There are many modified versions available there. Here we will describe the OG Instagram; it is the latest version. As it is a third-party application but it is a safe and secure application. It looks like the original application but has some additional features which need to be added to the official App. People use this App to spend their free time. You can learn many valuable skills by seeing others’ stories. You can get many ideas to start Your business.

What is OG Instagram?

Instagram is the best social media app used for connecting people. You can use it to connect your Facebook account with Instagram. You can use multiple accounts with a single app. You can use his App to share videos, watch IGTv and surprise your friends with its extra feature. You can hide your online status, share your stories with selected people, and immediately see followers and unfollow notifications. You can save others’ stories without letting them know. You can zoom the profile picture and save profile photos to your gallery. You can copy the bio description, also. There are many other features in this App. We will try to cover all its aspects—some of the features discussed below.

Features of OG Instagram:

  • Facebook connection:

Now you can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account. You can share IG or post stories on both of your accounts simultaneously. It is time-saving, and you can share anything on both accounts with a single click.

  • Follow indicator:

This feature is designed to let you know about your followers. Now you can know who is following or unfollowing you. It has a built-in following the indicator. You can get a notification about your followers with just an eye blink.

  • Copy Bios and Captions:

Another fantastic feature is copying Bio and profile captions, which are unavailable on the original application. It has the option of a clipboard so users can copy the captions and text they like and use them for themselves.

  • Download media:

You can download other’s story reels and videos to your phone gallery. You can download this stuff with a single click. You can add favorites to the videos and watch them later. You can download video images, GIFs, boomerangs, and any material to your storage.

  • Multi translator:

It will provide the user to translate comments and content into multiple languages. You can change the language into that language you understand. You can enjoy all its aspects in your zone.

  • Multiple Accounts:

OG Instagram has an extraordinary feature: you can run more than one account on Instagram. You can handle both of your accounts at the same time. Most people use 2 accounts on every social media platform. If you are one of them, download the application right now.

How to download the App?

The following steps will help you to download the application.

1. As a third-party Application, it will require permission to allow unknown sources to get it.

2. After allowing, click the link below to download the App.

3. It will take a few seconds to complete.

4. After the process, save the APk file in your download.

5. Tap to install the application. After that, open the App.

6. Create your official account.

7. You can log in by existing account too.


Here we are going to wrap up today’s discussion. I hope you find us informative and supportive. You can ask in the comments if you are confused about the App. Download the App. Enjoy it, and remember to share our website with your family and friends. Thank you!


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